Swapping: Senior’s Wife (2020) – Full Korean Adult Drama


Watch Full Korean Adult Drama Movie Swapping: Senior’s Wife (2020). What happens when you meet your long lost crush who is your senior’s wife now. Jeong-hun accidentally reunites with college senior Seok Ho while dating his girlfriend. Unlike Seok-ho, who is happy to meet him, Jeong-hun is uneasy about Seok Ho’s wife, Sujin. This is because he liked Sujin in the past but couldn’t confess because of his seniors. A few days later, Jeong-hun and his girlfriend visited the house at the invitation of a senior. Jeong-hun reunited with Sujin after a long absence and they clicked. They talk alone to confirm their feelings for each other and to share their passions. Finally, they have a hot steamy affair while cheating with their spouses.

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