The Wife Swappers (1970) – Classic British Erotica Movie


Watch Full Classic British Erotica Movie The Wife Swappers (1970). Six tales involving wife and husband swapping, or swinging, described in an erotic way. It starts well with a lady bare beneath her wet look being ‘kidnapped’ from Westminster Bridge. She is taken blindfold out of London and at a lower stretch of the river, stripped and told to swim to a boat on the other side. It transpires that this is one of the set-ups of a pleasure-seeking group because they are perverts. This we are told has sprung up as people become jaded from wife swapping and seek more and more dangerous thrills. It all begins to cave in, however, when a ‘psychiatrist’ takes center stage to explain it all. Finally, in doing so, he explains why this is all going to go terribly wrong

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