Secret Wife Exchange (2019) – Full Korean Adult Movie


Watch the Full Korean Adult movie Secret Wife Exchange (2019). This is a story of how two best friends secretly sleep with each other’s wives. Seokjin is a boob lover but his wife never shows her boobs while they make love. This makes Seokjin very dissatisfied with his sex life. His best friend is Jaejin who loves sexy hips but his wife does not remove her panties while having sex. One day Jaejin comes to Seokjin’s home to have some drinks with him and his wife. This time Seokjin drinks too much and passes out while his wife takes him to sleep. After that when Jaejin was alone with Seokjin’s wife, they had cheating sex with Seokjin was sleeping. The next day at the office, Seokjin accidentally consumes a bottle of aphrodisiac and makes move on Jaejin’s wife. She does not stop him and lets him have his way with her. This way two best friends secretly sleep with each other’s wife.



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