Cheating Wife gets pounded by the Plumber while Husband waits Outside


Yenna is a cheating slut wife and her husband is very clueless about it. He thinks she is very faithful but in reality, she fucks anyone she comes across. Today her husband Ricky gave her a beautiful white dress as a gift but she won’t let him enter the room to see it. She says she’s trying it on and doesn’t want to ruin the surprise for him. But really, Yenna is busy getting pounded by their handsome plumber. She sends her husband to make some tea as she gets pounded like a whore by the plumber. Busy having sex, both of them did not hear Ricky returning to the room and they are caught redhanded. Finally, her husband returns to find his gift on the floor and the plumber leaving a creampie in his pretty wife.

Actors: Yenna Black

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