Secret House of Hedonism – Chloe’s Initiation to the House – Part 1


Watch part one of the best series about the BDSM lifestyle. Chole gets trained by the experts in the most Erotic Secret House of Hedonism. Today is a special day for Chole as her master has enrolled her into professional slave training. She is very excited to learn the art of being a slave by the dominant Mistress Vivian because she is an expert. In the house, she gets to see how things are done as the mistresses take the lead of her slaves. Chole is made to watch some of her students follow her commands and have a kinky time. At the end of the session, Chole is initiated to the house and is officially put on a leash by mistress Vivian. Finally, watch part one of the best series on BDSM training.



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