Secret House of Hedonism – Chole’s Dining Table Lesson – Part 2


Watch part two of the best series about the BDSM lifestyle. Chole gets trained by the experts in the most Erotic Secret House of Hedonism. Today is the first day of Chole’s training and she is excited to serve her mistress. Mistress Vivian has laid out a dinner party for her clients because she is the host. Chole and one of her colleagues help to serve wine and food to the guests. The maid Britney brings the meal and catches the eye of one of the guests who is pleased with her. Mistress Vivian takes out her butt and offers her to the guest who is very happy. Soon the guest is fucking her and is joined by other men as mistress Vivian commands her to please the guests. Finally, watch part two of the best series on BDSM training.

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