Cheating Wife has a Washroom Quickie with the Waiter on her Anniversary


Married couple Vanessa and Carl have come to celebrate their anniversary in a fancy restaurant. Carl believes his wife is a faithful angel. He does not know that she is seducing their waiter Brayden behind his back. Their waiter Bayden is caught off guard when Vanessa made suggestive actions to him. She asks him to follow her in the ladies’ washroom which he does. Here they get wild and without a word, get directly into fucking mode. As that ends, Brayden ejaculates in her pussy and gets her upset as he was not supposed to do that. Then Vanessa heads off to her husband and they go home. At home, Vanessa makes sweet passionate love with her husband as he has no idea about her shenanigans. Finally, Carl ejaculates in her and feels lucky of having such a nice wife but it is actually Vanessa who is the lucky one.

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