Naughty Wife’s Boob pops out while thanking the Handyman


She is a recording artist and her husband is there to help her. As a hunky technician comes to help her, she is head over heels on this new guy. Her husband has come to help her but he is not doing a very good job so he went out to call the technician. This technician comes to help while the wife was all alone in the recording room. It was very hot that day and the guy had to remove his shirt to work in the wires. The married lady was instantly attracted to him and wanted him inside her ASAP. While thanking him, she popped out her tits and tried to seduce him. Soon they were stripping each other and fucking in the room like wild animals. Finally, as the guy finishes on her, her husband comes in the room to find out he has been cuckolded.

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