Japanese Wife ends up Cheating with her Masseur and Husband finds out


This Japanese salary man hires a masseur to massage his wife’s tits. She ends up getting fucked by him and her cuckold wants to know details. The wife is very proud of her lovely busty breasts and to maintain them, she hires an experienced masseur. Her husband accepts her request as he loves his wife. One fine day the man comes home early from his office and finds his wife getting naughty with the masseur. Now the husband is upset and calls his wife to know all the details about her infidelity. She spares no detail and gives him every detail he wants to know. Soon, he meets the masseur and watches a video on his mobile of his wife getting fucked like a slut. Finally, after all this, he comes to his home one day and the wife and her masseur put on a cuckold show for the husband.

Actors: Yumi Kazama

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