Wife and her co-worker Boyfriend put on a show for her Husband


She is a naughty wife in an open relationship with her cuckold husband. Today she has brought home her co-worker’s boyfriend for some fun. Maddy is a slut and her husband loves when she goes to sleep around with other men. It was her husband’s lucky day as she has brought home her boyfriend to put on a show for her husband. Once on the bed, Maddy lets Chad know she is married and her husband wants to watch them fuck. Chad is cool with it too as Maddy places the phone on the mantle for a birds-eye view. He devours her as she teases her husband like a slut. Soon, they indulge in passionate lovemaking and put on a sexy show for her husband. Finally, watch as wifey brings home a co-worker and puts on a show for her boyfriend.


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