Best Friends try Wife Exchange for the First Time


Will Pounder is on the phone with his buddy Jack. Will and Jack have arranged to swap wives for one night, and Will is very excited. He is making sure that Jack isn’t backing out. Jack is a little hesitant, worried that they’ll have trouble talking his wife, Scarlett Mae, into it. Will assures him that once he’s alone with Scarlett, he’ll have no trouble closing the deal. Later, Will, Jack, and their wives come back to the beach house after a nice dinner. Will winks at Jack, who makes an excuse to leave the room with Will’s wife. Left alone, Will and Scarlett chat. Will starts to get flirty and gently broaches the subject of swinging, a lifestyle that he and his wife share. Scarlett seems intrigued as she catches on that Will and Jack brought them there to swap. Finally, looks like Will closed the deal after all!

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