Two Best Friends are Attracted to each other’s Wives


Charles and his friend always had a crush on each other’s wives. Today is the day when they plan to make the exchange of their wives. Charles, his friend, and both of their wives get home after a fun night out. The guys can’t help but comment on how sexy the girls were on the dancefloor. When the ladies leave the room to freshen up for a moment, the guys get excited. They can feel it, TONIGHT’S the night it’s going to happen – they’ll finally get to fuck each other’s wives. Just then, the ladies come back into the room. With a mischievous look, Charles suggests that his friend and Charles’s wife go down to the hot tub. They leave, and Charles is alone with his friend’s wife, Honey Gold. Finally, Charles is about to find out that his friend’s wife is JUST as skilled in the bedroom.

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