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Les Perversions D’un Couple Libere (1976) – Classic French Movie


Watch Classic French Porn Movie Les Perversions D’un Couple Libere aka The Nibblers (1976). A modest wife adopts the swinger lifestyle. A young wife complains that her husband won’t make love to her anymore. She is unaware that he’s spending most of his time having affairs with other women. To stop lying to his wife, her husband confides his extramarital perversions to his wife. He wants her to adopt an open lifestyle and be a liberated couple. They spice up their sex life in the company of Samantha, their joint mistress, by living out increasingly perverted fantasies. Totally unbridled, this licentious delight touches on all of porn’s themes, with each actor offering us a sulfurous illustration. Finally, watch how a pervert husband turns his modest wife into a swinger.

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