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Do Not Bring Your Husband to the Ladies Saloon


Abella was doing her hair at the saloon when a rude lady comes with her husband. She makes Abella sit elsewhere so Abella takes revenge. The rude lady comes up with her husband and tells Abella to go away and wait for her appointment. Embarassed and angry, Abella takes the waiting seat next to the rude lady’s husband. Soon, the rude woman is getting her facial so Abella seduces her husband. Her husband gets very aroused and Abella gives him a hot blowjob in the saloon in front of two of the staff members. All of them are very amazed to watch Abella seduce the rude lady’s husband and have sex with him. Everything happens as the rude lady has her eyes closed. Finally, she catches her man with his cock in Abella’s mouth and chases him out of the saloon.

Actors: Abella Danger

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