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Japanese Cuckold Games 2 – Perverted Man brings his Shy Wife


This Japanese man is a pervert and loves to watch wife with other men. He brings his shy wife for a special voyeur game for cuckolds. The game is made especially for couples in the cuckold lifestyle. After a chat and introduction to the game, the husband and wife are separated. The game starts with the wife being taken to a small room with a one-way mirror. Another side of the mirror is the husband along with other horny spectators. A man who is given the role of fucker seduces the shy wife and makes her so naughty things. On the other side, the husband watches as his wife gives in to her temptations and gets along with the man. The husband and the other spectators masturbate while the wife gets fucked like a slut by the fucker. Finally, watch as a Japanese husband and wife play the cuckold games.

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