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Fertility Clinic Part 2 – Success Story from the Fertility Clinic


This couple was having difficulty having a baby so they went to the best fertility clinic. The clinic uses ancient methods for conceiving. With the ancient knowledge of putting seed into fertile pussy, the doctor always has a 100% success rate. Sexy Nurse Snow promises to take good care of Brad the husband while Dr. Magnum examines his beautiful wife, Adira. Dr. Magnum’s unexpected technique of clitoral stimulation concerns Adira but his explanations satisfy her. In the waiting room, Nurse Snow sets up a laptop so that Brad can monitor the exam. Brad’s stunned by what he sees, but Nurse Snow’s own stimulation techniques quickly convince Brad to sit back and enjoy. Meanwhile, Adira, desperate to become pregnant, soon gives in to her urges and succumbs to the doctor’s persistence. Finally, the doctor fills Adira’s cunt with a huge load of baby seed.

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