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Japanese Cuckold Games 3 – Watch your Wife get Fiddled by Grand Master


This Japanese cuckold husband has brought his wife for a kinky gameshow. Here she will get fiddled and pleasured by the grand master. He is a simple man who likes to watch his wife get fucked like a whore in front of other men. To fulfill his fantasies, he brought his wife to a special game show. Here she agrees to participate in the show and make her cuckold husband happy. It is arranged in such a way that husband can watch his wife with others through a one way mirror. On the other side, she gets fiddled by the grand master himself. Soon, the show starts and the master claims her with his experienced cock. While she is getting pleasured, her husband is watching and wanking on the other side. Finally, watch as a cuckold husband brings his wife to participate in a very special game show.

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