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Wife motivates her Lazy Fatass Husband by bringing him to the Gym Trainer


Sidra has got a new trainer at the gym while her husband is a lazy fatass. She is tired that her husband is always making up an excuse. Her wimpy husband does not work out and chomps on unhealthy fast food much to her disgust. She tries to get him to the gym and what does he do? Goes and buys a cheeseburger. The trainer ecides to take things into his own hands and he face fucks her right there in front of her husband. This is how a real man fucks. Just eat your burger and shut up you little bitch. Ryan munches on a high cholesterol burger while Charles munches on a sweet wet pussy. Sidra loves that cock and Charles gives her the best workout she has ever had. Finally, she thinks she will be taking many more lessons with her new trainer.

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