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Freaky Petite Hotwife pays for her Mistake without Getting in Trouble


Cecelia is not very good at driving and totaled Brick’s car who is furious. To repay him, she makes a deal with him that he cannot refuse. She was driving when her car crashed with Brick’s car and this guy was very pissed. He was going to call the insurance company and report the matter to the police. As Cecelia was going to get in trouble, her husband noticed he was checking her out amidst the confusion. They take him in and Cece seduces him and starts to suck his cock while her husband watches proudly. She was liking it because as he started fucking her, you could hear how wet her pussy was as it got squished by his big dick. He was totally freaked out but came right inside the hotwife’s tight little hole in front of her husband. Finally, no insurance was involved that day.

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