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Shoplifting Wife gets Caught by Cuckold Husband while getting Punished


This wife gets accused of shoplifting at the supermarket and the owner decides to punish her. The owner decides to take advantage. She loves to shop at the supermarket and one day she is accused of stealing from there. Her husband is called and he is told about her crime but they have no proof. Later she starts getting calls from the owner of the supermarket who wants to interrogate her. During the interrogation, he frisks her and gets her naked to do the search. Things get out of hand and now the owner is fucking her. As the husband wants to get things cleared up, he goes to the supermarket only to find her getting fucked by the owner. Finally, the husband gets to know all her lies and that she is having a sex affair with that owner because he has a nice cock.

Actors: Asahi Mizuno

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