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Cuckquean Girlfriend gets Upset watching her Man with another Girl


Now it is the wife’s turn to watch her man get serviced by a professional girl. She gets very upset midway and had to get consoled by her husband. After their erlier stint where the wife gets fucked by a stud, it’s the husband’s turn now. He is presented with a hot babe who immediately gets on her knees to suck his cock. The wife watches as her man gets pleasured by another woman and gets visibly upset. Soon, she runs away and starts to cry so her husband goes to console her and gets her back. Now they include the wife too and start to have a steamy threesome. Now the wife has warmed up to the new girl and is enjoying the hot threesome action. Finally, the lucky guy gets to fuck the wife slong with a hot babe.

Actors: Valentina

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