The SEX Cult – Watch Full Streaming Movie Online


Kacey was feeling trapped by her fiancee and white trash existence she was living. She moves to a big city and gets introduced to a cult. Leaving her home, Kacey seeks out a new life in the big city. On her first night she meets Chloe and follows her to a mysterious compound filled with beautiful men and women. After Chloe seduces her, she is introduced to Jacques, the magnanimous leader of a kind of sex cult. What unfolds is a story of sex, drugs and debauchery. Soon, Kacey thinks she has found her new home until she hears Jacques and Chloe arguing about the dwindling finances. It is clear that they are actually grifters. They lure impressionable young people with empty promises, stealing their money, and then vanish. Finally, watch what happens when they found out that Kacey knows the truth.

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