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She Extorts her Loser Husband and shows him how to Fuck


April is very frustrated with her nonexistent sex life and plans to take revenge on her husband. With a friend’s help, she robs and cuckolds him. April Olsen is so tired of her loser husband and his limp dick ways as he never satisfies her. She has had enough and brings in her badass girlfriend McKenzie. McKenzie ties up the loser husband and forces him into signing his savings over to her at a gunpoint. It does not stop here as April wants to show her Husband what it looks like to truly be turned on while fucking. Something she could never do when they fucked. She gets McKenzie to fuck her with a strap on and make her feel so good. Is this what an orgasm feels like? This is something he never got to see or experience. Finally, watch this wife and her lesbian lover cuck the husband.

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