Bachelorette Party: Naughty Friends bring a Stripper to the Sleepover


This was supposed to be a calm bachelorette sleepover but her slutty friends were naughty. They call a male stripper and make her fuck him. This slut is getting married and wants to commit sexually to her fiance for the rest of her life. She was ready to renounce her slutty past but her friends do not let her. All her friends are sluts too and they love to have random sexual intercourse with other men. As she is getting married soon, all her friends have gathered to have a bachelorette party. During the party, they call a male stripper to ass some spice to their gettogether. These naughty friends make her get sexual with the stripper and get her back to the old slutty ways. Finally, watch how a soon-to-be-married girl becomes a slut and fucks a stripper in front of everyone.

Actors: Hayden

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