When the Shy Fluffer Girl becomes the Star of the Show


There is a big shoot at the Sexmex headquarters and they find a new star. Their shy fluffer has all the skills to make her a sexy pornstar. They were shooting a bar sex scene with Liza and three guys. Laila was called to help the guys with their erections and here they realized she is very talented. The naughty camera guy asked her to take the big cock in her pussy and soon she was stripping. She was always waiting for this moment but was always shy in front of the camera. As the guy puts his cock inside her, her shyness went away and now she is moaning with pleasure. The shoot was stopped so Laila can get a good fuck and the producer can gauge her talent. Finally, watch a shy fluffer gut her big break and get featured in a porn video.

Actors: Lilia Mendoza

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