Lovely Young Couple do some MMF Exploring with a Good Friend


They have been together for almost ten years and have always been open to exploring. Today they have a kinky swing with a good friend. Snoozing in the shade on a sunny day Jen lies between her boyfriend Matheo and their friend Kai. She has a kinky idea and starts to touch the guys and soon they realize what is happening. Her boyfriend understands the cue and is excited at the prospect of having a swing with their best friend. Soon Jen brings some strawberries and wine and they play some kinky games to get aroused and excited. Now both the horny guys are over Jen as Kai slides inside Jen from behind, she moans in ecstasy and takes Matheo deep into her mouth. Finally, watch the lovely chemistry this trio has as they explore the sweet fruits of swinging.

Actors: Bel Gris / Katana

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