Desperate Ex-Girlfriend gets to his House and Seduces his Wife


Damon is a married man and lately, he has been getting texts from his ex-lover Evelyn. She is feeling very desperate to have sex with him. Once upon a time, Damon dated Evelyn but their relationship fizzled, after which he met and married his wife, Gianna. They are living happily together, but lately, Evelyn has been missing Damon. She’s been messaging Damon, which is creating quite a situation for him which he is hiding from his wife. He tries to hide his messages from Gianna, but Gianna knows something is up. Eventually, Damon tells Evelyn that she has to leave him alone but she is not someone who gives up so easily. She gets along with his wife and comes to their home. Finally, here she makes a move on Gianna and gets her aroused, and soon they are having a threesome with his ex-girlfriend.

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