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Step-Son hides in the Massage Chair and gives Massage with his Penis


This is every Japanese step-son’s dream, to become a massage chair and have kinky fun. A pervert host makes all their dreams come true. The host is looking for suitable players to play this outrageous game of massage chairs. She finds a woman and her step-son who are ready to play this game. The son goes into the massage chair and is asked to please his step-mom without the father knowing. As the step-mom is a slutty whore, she often sits on the chair and plays with it. Meanwhile, the father has no idea that his son is inside the chair. Soon, the massages get very explicit until he starts to massage her cunt with his dick. Eventually, the guy slips up and ends up giving a cream pie to his step-mum. Finally, the game gets finished when she is cream-pied and the host rejoices.

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