Rappers have some FUN with the Groupies after the Music Video Shoot


These girls are called to shoot a music video with a rapper. After the shoot is over, they are called to the party and are fucked by the boys. Cashy playa is a renowned rapper and has called some young chicks for his music video. These dumb groupies will do anything to get famous with the rappers. After the shoot, they call the girls at the after-party where things get wild. Soon, the girls are taking out their tits and dancing around the pole to entertain the rapper and his friends. The guys make the most of it and soon these groupies are sucking their cocks. Eventually, they start to fuck in front of everyone and all enjoy the show. The two whores have wild sex and then call their boyfriend to give them a ride home. Finally, watch hot groupie chicks get fucked at the after-party.

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