Husband does not Last more than 30 Seconds so she calls a Real Man


Frustrated wife Edyn is so tired of her pathetic Husband who does not satisfy her in bed. He is not able to last more than 30 seconds. This is not enough to satisfy her insatiable needs, is that all he can do?. Edyn needs to orgasm and wants so badly to feel a guy’s cock that can make her cum all over it, she needs a real man. In comes John Strong and he shows Edyn just how long a real guy should last. He fucks her doggy while she humiliates her pathetic Husband who helplessly watches them have sex. Edyn wants to ride that cock and feel it completely inside her. She is completely amazed at just how awesome good sex is with a real man. Finally, she can not wait to do it again after John gives her a creampie.

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