Naughty Sex Obsessed Girlfriend Surprises everyone with her Promiscuity


Ryan and Vanna are now in a relationship and go to visit their friends, Codey and Eliza. Here they learn that Vanna is obsessed with sex. It turns out Codey and Eliza are into an alternative lifestyle called swinging and are eager to introduce Vanna and Ryan. While Vanna is in the kitchen, the rest of them begin to chat. It eventually comes out that Vanna is sex crazy, and not in a good way. To test her sex obsession, Eliza triggers her by kissing her boyfriend Ryan. Soon Vanna jumps up and pushes Ryan aside to kiss Eliza herself and have some lesbian action. Watch that both the men got aroused and start to fondle the ladies. Soon, they are swapping partners and fucking each other’s girlfriends. Finally, watch what happens when a sex-obsessed girl is seduced by a naughty couple.

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