He Interrupts His Wife while she is having SEX with the Gardener


Sheila is a pervert hotwife who always fantasized about fucking Josh, the young gardener. Today she gets caught by her husband cheating. Her husband was out today and she gets very horny watching Josh work on her garden. Now she is very horny and she knows her boyfriend has been fucking other girls. Figuring this is the perfect opportunity to get back at him, she walks over to the window topless and asks Josh to come inside. Josh, completely disarmed by Sheila’s big titties, agrees and soon his cock is in her mouth. They have a hot fuck session but that session is interrupted when her boyfriend arrives home unexpectedly. Finally, instead of souring the mood, he joins the action and both the men fuck the thirsty hotwife.

Actors: Josh / Sheila Ortega / Vince

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