House of Hedonism Part 2 – Married Hotwives have a Ladies Night


This special swinger-themed series follows the lives of rich married women. This is the second part where there is an all-girl-themed night out. It starts as the evening festivities finally get started with all the female guests. Our host Angela hands off an empty bottle to party girls Maddy, Jezabel, and Nika. It does not take too long before the trio starts playing a raunchy game of spinning the bottle. The party is such a blast that they don’t think twice before showing off their tits for some nipple worship. As the game starts to take pace, the two of them sneak off to a quiet place for 7 minutes in heaven in dire need of some intimacy. These ladies are aroused and the third girl finds them and partakes in the steamy exchange. Finally, they will never forget the heavenly lesbian threesome that ensues.

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