RealityHouse: Welcoming the Hottest Residents in the DTF House


The DTF house is ready for a new group of pornstars and a whole new batch of shenanigans. Host Ricky Johnson welcomes all the starlets. The girls introduce themselves and find their rooms before the three hung hunks arrive. The stars break the ice with a game of DTF Pong, which has a twist: each cup has a naughty dare underneath. Pretty soon the lapdances and blow jobs turn into an all-out orgy where Roxie hits her body count of 100. After the orgy, the pornstars hang out in the house: cooking dinner in the kitchen, and checking out the hot tub. The girls even start twerking in the living room. Mila even shows off a party trick with a ping pong ball. Finally, recording her confessional gets Scarlit horny, so she brings in Oliver to fuck one-on-one and eat his cum.

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