Boyfriend Challenges her to find Someone better than him, SHE DOES


Everly and her boyfriend Chad just finished having sex. After sex, Chad thinks he is the best and did a fantastic job but Everly says otherwise. They finished having sex and Chad is just bragging about how he is the best in the bedroom but then Everly informs him that he’s not. Chad doesn’t believe her and dares her to find someone who’s better and Everly accepts the challenge. Later on, Chad comes back home and is shocked to see Everly sucking on Tommy’s cock. Well, she said that she accepted Chad’s challenge, so what did he expect?. She tells Chad that since he said he would love to see it, now he can stand there and watch her have sex with Tommy. Finally, Chad is annoyed but agrees to it, saying he’d like to know what’s so special about this other guy.

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