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Old Man Pimps his Trophy Wife to his Boss to get a Raise


The rich old guy has married a young trophy wife and loves to pimp her out. She is a slut agrees to sleep with his boss for a raise. Some men just deserve to be cuckolded while some wives love to be a slut and humiliate their men. These kinky wives are here to explore their dark sides while their husbands are subjected to watch every last minute. There’s absolutely no jealousy here the cuckolded hubbies love watching their hot wives getting fucked and satisfied. Their hubbies always fantasize about watching them getting pleasured by other men. There are husbands and wives with deep, dark secrets that will never surface in the ears and minds of others. Today, these wives are going to explore every bit of their hard bodies and submit to all their kinks and desires. Finally, this all will be done while their husband is watching.

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