Ebony Wife is Pissed at her Husband and has SEX with his Best Friend


She is very pissed at her husband for calling his best friend for lunch on their special day. To take revenge she has sex with her best friend. Nola is getting all dolled up and is looking fine fuck with her beautiful round butt on full display. For some reason, she is mad at her husband and when he tried to grab her ass, she pushed his hand away. It was because his best friend Brick is coming over for dinner. Little did the husband know that Nola had another plan. During dinner, she cuckolded her husband by playing with his best friend’s cock under the dinner table. Eager to teach him a lesson, Nola Nola sucked on Brick’s cock better than she ever did on her husband. Finally, it ain’t about who is coming for dinner, but who will be cumming at dinner.

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