Husband brought in a Friend to Share his Beautiful HotWife


He is a voyeur and loves to surprise his beautiful wife by bringing in friends to fuck her. Today he has brought a co-worker to surprise her. Beautiful wife Alessandra and her husband love to play out naughty scenarios. They are having a party at their place and the night takes a naughty turn when her husband steals her away to their bedroom for fun. He suggests that they get a little kinky, but she is hesitant, knowing that all of their friends are just in the other room. After some convincing, she gives into their carnal desires. Once restrained and blindfolded, her husband sneaks out of the room, leaving her naked and vulnerable. Her husband soon returns and has brought his good friend, Danny. Finally, after removing her blindfold, Alessandra is at first surprised, then quickly aroused by the thought of fucking another man.

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