SexFriends: These SEX Friends just want a Reason to get Naughty


While on vacation, these friends get together to make food in the kitchen. There is always someone getting naked and naughty every time. The Sex Friends are back with another banger, literally, they bang each other all the time. This time they have arrived at the tropical location of Gorges De Verdon. Everyone is excited to be here and they just cannot wait to fuck each other’s brains off. As they reach the destination, their shenanigans start and they get straight to the sex. With three men and four women, things get steamy in their AirB&B. From the dining table to the common room to the pool, they have wild sex everywhere. They spend a nice relaxing holiday having lots of fun and even more sex with each other. Finally, watch sex friends have a sexy time together on a tropical vacation.

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