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Naughty Wife Loses the Bet with her Husband’s Best Friend


It is football season and Armani gets very competitive. She makes a bet that if she loses she will dress in a skimpy dress and become a slut. Armani is a competitive hotwife and has made a bet on her team. And if she loses, she has to dress up in the winning team’s uniform and also has to fuck her husband’s buddy Danny. Danny didn’t know the deal or he would have cheered harder for Armani’s team to lose. After losing, Armani came out in that skimpy little outfit and things definitely got harder. Danny was surprised but willing when they told him what the other part of the bet was. Armani took out Danny’s big cock and started sucking and licking it right in front of her husband. He bent her over, pulled her hair & fucked her hard from behind. Finally, victory has never tasted so sweet.

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