Two Big Mammas Cuckold the Double Dating Douchbag


These ladies and Kyle have made the perfect plan to cuckold the douchebag. This douche was dating both of them so they cucked him real good. Ms. London is on a date with a real douche and he brings her to Kyle’s house to show her off. Here comes Sofia who joins the party and turns out both the ladies are familiar with Kyle’s dick. After returning from a spin, Kyle’s buddy is anxious to show him just how much Sofia and Ms. London will do for him. Kyle decides to break out the duct tape and rope and assist the ladies in getting his buddy ready for the cuck ride of a lifetime. Sofia can’t wait to shut this douchebag up and make him watch as she rides Kyle’s fat cock. Finally, Ms. London sits on Kyle’s face while Sofia fucks Kyle’s dick and mocks his tied-up friend.

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