Anny makes her Boyfriend Uncomfortable with Virtual Cuckolding


Anny is very excited to surprise her boyfriend who had once talked about his cuckold fantasy. She calls him up to give him a cuckolding surprise. Cute Anny and her boyfriend can’t be together for their anniversary, but Anny has planned a sexy surprise for him. The boyfriend had once mentioned that he wanted to try cuckolding. So to surprise her man, pretty Anny has found the perfect man for the job. She calls up her boyfriend wearing a cute sexy dress and mentions to him the fantasy. He looks quite uncomfortable and handsome stud Keiran Lee enters the bedroom. His cock is a lot bigger than what Anny’s boyfriend had in mind. Keiran is ready to fill Anny’s perfect pussy and have her screaming, all while her boyfriend watches in awe. Finally, Keiran may not be what Anny’s boyfriend expected, but it’s the best gift Anny’s ever gotten.

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