CashTalks: They Pay you if you do Freaky things for the Camera


Back on the streets and now our host is looking for some girls who can be a good sport. Next, the team goes to a diner to find promiscuous girls. Everyone has a price and these crazy people are here to prove it. They find the craziest guys and the freakiest girl to do insane shit for money. From the world’s hottest hardcore scenes to the craziest sex stunts you can imagine. Going all the way to show you that everyday people are willing to do ANYTHING if the price is right. You will see just how crazy these hot, young honeys are willing to get for some sweet greenbacks. These horny sluts were looking for some hard, hot cock and Benjamin Franklin’s got them feeling extra freaky. Finally, watch what happens when hot girls on the street are offered some cash to do nasty things.

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