College Girls go Clubbing and things get very Wild


It is the weekend and the girl go to the hottest club in town. Here they have lots of booze and end up hooking up with handsome studs. Selvaggia has traveled to Barcelona for her Erasmus, an aspiring academic she intends to seriously learn and study. Here the only thing she will be learning is the wild lifestyle of our students at Erasmus Orgasmus University. Within minutes of arriving Selvaggia will discover just how large the sexual appetites of her new roommates are. Francesca di Caprio, Rachel Adjani, and Gina Gerson become her friends at the dorms. There were debutants Alice Fibre and Scarlet BCN who will show her what student life is really all about. These girls take any and every opportunity to party, with threesomes, orgies, and of course some fantastic steamy action. Finally, Selvaggia won’t ever forget her stay in Barcelona.

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