Proud Sluts Tina and Laurita put on a Show for all the Perverts


Tina and Laurita are slutty friends and are always up for some sexual shenanigans. Today, they have come to get publicly disgraced by a pervy group. When a girl says she likes to please and serve, well, we would love to make her please and serve. On their knees with their beautiful round asses exposed, Tina Kay and Laurita Lia struggle to entertain a crowd. Here they are getting publicly disgraced by experienced doms. Both are made to walk naked on the streets in front of the public. After that, they are brought to a public lounge and then pushed to their limit with sex bondage. These sluts are moved like rag dolls all around the room ready to please anyone. Men in the room take turns shoving their cocks in their mouths and pussy. Finally, while some men were using them as rag dolls, others watched them get disgraced.

Actors: Laurita Lia / Tina Kay

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