Paranoid Wife gets Cuckqueaned by the Naughty Young Babysitter


Kathy, who is prone to paranoia, is especially finding it difficult to mentally prepare for a new babysitter. Yet, David soothes her like usual, assuring her that everything will be fine. If she can’t trust David, the father of her children and the love of her life, who CAN she trust? When Lynn arrives, she SEEMS sweet enough… Maybe it’s Kathy’s mind playing tricks on her, but Lynn seems particularly drawn to David. Kathy is sure that David’s cheating on her and that she’ll get the boot soon enough. When she confronts David about it, he sticks up for Lynn, reminding Kathy that she’s overthinking. When she next comes home, only to finds that David’s arrived before her and is now alone with Lynn. Finally, she exposes what her instinct has been telling her all along.

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