A Wife’s Secret – Watch Full Movie in HD Streaming Quality


Watch the Full Movie, “A Wife’s Secret” which is a XXX full feature porn movie with a very thrilling storyline. Starring India Summers as Bethany the housewife. Frank and Bethany are happily married in a loving but sexually unfulfilled relationship. To satisfy her sexual urges, Bethany begins working night at an upscale brothel. She does not do that for the money, but simply for the excitement of it. She lives happily until one night she is recognized by Paul, a client of her husband’s business. When Paul threatens to blackmail her, she decides to tell Frank the truth, hoping he will forgive her. But what Frank sees instead is an opportunity to explore his own dark fantasies. Will Bethany’s secret ruin their marriage, or open the door for them to a new era of sexual possibilities?

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