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Unfaithful Woman (2020) – Full Korean Adult Movie


Seong-hye is a beautiful and desirable girl who works in Salon Ace Inn. She is tired of rich playboys hitting on her and then being total fuck boys. Men are always attracted to her and make false promises to have sex with her. One day, she comes across Jae-min, he is a simple and innocent man. She is very captivated by his innocence and wants to have a relationship with him. Jae-min is also receptive and they start to date and get into a relationship. After some time of dating, Jae-min proposes to her with a ring. After that Seong-hye gets along with a rich playboy Dong-cheol and ends up having sex with him. Jae-min learns about it and breaks up with her and gets along with her friend. Finally, watch this Korean drama of women being unfaithful and sleeping around with rich guys.

Unfaithful Woman (2020) – Original Poster
Seong-hye is a beautiful girl who works in Salon Ace Inn. Original Poster.

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