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Angry Guy wants to Trick his Cheating Girlfriend but his Plan Backfires


He is very angry that his girlfriend has been cheating on him for a while. To take revenge he makes a plan to get her fucked but she loved it. He finds out that his girlfriend is a whore and sleeps around with other guys behind his back. This makes him angry and he decides to take revenge on her. Now he calls his best friend to help him trick her and exert revenge. Soon, he seduces her and blindfolds her in an attempt to have a sexy time when her boyfriend quietly invites his best friend into the room. Thinking it is her boyfriend, she lets him fuck her tight cunt. He takes off her blindfold to show her she has been tricked but she remains unfazed by the revelation. Finally, the girlfriend is enjoying the new cock while her man is cuckolded and his plan backfired.

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