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Tempting Games for a Married Woman – Watch Full Movie 


Mariska has just turned 40 and her sex life is going to become even more interesting. She has received an interesting gift from an admirer. While recovering from a boozy birthday, Mariska who is now 40 has received an interesting package. In this package, there is a mobile phone which receives messages from a mysterious stranger who starts giving her orders. Mariska suspects that Ben, her husband, is behind this prank, but how can she be sure?. Out of curiosity and a taste for forbidden things, she plays along with the game. It’s a dangerous game that pushes her beyond all the taboos she once had.

One of the initial tasks was letting her husband have his way with her when he gets home from work. As she completed takes, it got harder and more wilder like showing off in public while wearing nothing under her clothes, letting herself get fucked by a total stranger. This faceless master keeps turning up the heat with each command. Finally, Mariska ends up with a couple of bad boys half her age or in the back rooms of some very exclusive libertine clubs. She soon falls under the spell of these games and will do anything to complete a task for her faceless master. Eventually, in one of the swinger parties, she finds her husband partaking in those naughty swinger games. Soon. Mariska was hooked, and her sex life has never been the same since.





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